Canterbury Bankstown Workers with Youth Network

Canterbury Bankstown Workers with Youth Network
The Youth Workers Interagency works towards common goals for youth and youth services. Canterbury Bankstown Workers with Youth Network The Youth Workers Interagency works towards common goals for youth and youth services. Youth Programs; Youth Services
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The Canterbury Bankstown Workers With Youth Network (CBWWYN) is a cohesive network of professionals working towards common goals for youth and youth services in Canterbury Bankstown. CBWWYN is sought out as a respected and recognised voice for youth and acknowledged for advocating and lobbying on priority issues.

The network meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 10am-noon. Members exchange information on services and events, and discuss issues that are relevant to Youth and the local community.

Contact Council's Community Development Officer - Youth on 9707 5587 or email for more information.

​​2023 Canterbury Bankstown ​Workers with Youth Network Kit
The aim of this kit is to inform schools, teachers and the community of the role of different types of youth services and how they can help young people and their families. The information in this package is not meant to be conclusive, but it is a guide of what is available for your students and/or young people to participate in.


​CBWWYN Membership Form​

CBWWYN membership is open to all stakeholders from the youth and community service sector that have a commitment to addressing the issues affecting young people in Canterbury-Bankstown. By signing up as a member, you will receive access to meeting invitations and minutes, and also regular updates about local events and programs.

Note that each file must not exceed 5MB in size. If you are uploading more than one file, you must not exceed 10MB in total. Only jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx files are allowed.

Current members include:

CBWWYN Youth Recognition Awards


This initiative acknowledges  and celebrates young individuals for the valuable contributions they make towards their local community, or for their personal accomplishments.

Our community is fortunate to have a diverse population of engaged young people. The CBWWYN Youth Recognition Awards is our way of showing gratitude to the invaluable leadership and contributions these young people make, which they're usually not otherwise recognised for.

Young people aged 12-25 years can be awarded by CBWWYN service providers for demonstrating:

  • Contributions to the community;
  • Resilience to overcome challenging life situations; and
  • Inspiration by innovation.

The Awards are ongoing throughout the year, and any CBWWYN member can present a Recognition Award to a deserving young person.

If you know a young person deserving of a CBWWYN Youth Recognition Award, contact us here to get the official certificate.