Wiley Park
Volunteering with Bushcare is an opportunity to be involved with an important initiative, make new friends, learn new skills and network. Bushcare canterbury bankstown bushland georges river Volunteering with Bushcare is an opportunity to be involved with an important initiative. It’s also a great way to make new friends, learn new skills and network.  
Wiley Park

Canterbury-Bankstown is rich in natural bushland areas, especially along the along the riverine corridors of the Georges River and its tributaries. These areas are important for stabilising soil, improving water quality and providing valuable habitats for our native wildlife. In addition, natural areas are also important for their beauty, and the educational and recreational opportunities they provide. 

Council works hard to protect these special places, restoring their ecological function and preventing any further degradation or loss of species. ​This includes:

  • Supporting volunteers to care for and improve the bushland through the Bushcare Volunteer Program;

  • Supporting community groups to restore and revegetate native vegetation;

  • Engaging commercial bush regeneration contractors to carry out works to improve our bushland reserves. In addition, Council obtains funding from sources such as Local Land Services for further on-ground works;

  • A Council-run Bushcare team to carry out works at more than 30 bushland reserves;

  • Protecting community assets from the risk of bushfire by maintaining firebreaks and a network of fire trails; and 

  • Integrating the management of bushland with other council policies such as the Bushfire Risk Management Plan, the Biodiversity Strategic Plan, Plans of Management for the various parks and reserves, and tree preservation and weed control policies.​

Bushcare Volunteer Program

Our bushland is precious - many areas are listed as Endangered Ecological Communities, and contain rare or threatened species of plants and animals. ​Introduced invasive weeds also pose an ongoing threat to our bushland as they replace native plants and degrade natural resources needed by birds and animals.

To help with conservation efforts and the management of our valuable bushland, we're calling on Bushcare Volunteers to lend a hand!

Bushcare Volunteers help to remove trees and weeds, plant native vegetation and maintain the wetland in various areas. On average, Bushcare volunteers meet for about three hours each month​ (although you can choose how many hours you can commit to) and no experience is necessarry.

The more people who join, the more work we can get done – and that will ensure our local environment thrives!​


​For more information or to get involved, contact Council's Bushcare Officer​ Colin Brennan on 9707 9597.​