Children's Services

Children's Services
Council is focused on delivering quality children's services to support local families. Children's Services Canterbury Bankstown Council supports children's services through the provision of annual grants funding to a variety of local children's services and community organisations which operate in the Canterbury Bankstown area.  


We are a direct service provider of a range of children’s services. Our services are inclusive of all children regardless of cultural and linguistic background, ability, religion, or family structure – we practice an Anti-Bias policy. ​

Families are seen as partners in the children's programs and are invited to share in their children's experiences. When parents place their children in our hands they know our staff can be trusted to provide the highest possible level of care.

We're focused on delivering quality children's servi​ces to support local families. We provide:

All of our services, except Early Childhood Intervention and Occasional Care, are licensed and operate under the Education & Care Services National Regulations and Quality Standards. Occasional Care is licensed under Education & Care Supplementary Provisions Regulation.

Our Children's Services are committed to providing quality programs for children placed in their care. We recognise learning as a social process  and incorporate a creative arts program in all our services. Excursions are a further extension of the program, building and maintaining relationships in the community.​

​​Immunisation history s​tatement

Changes to the NSW​ Health legislation means that your child cannot start care in any NSW Education and Care service without the required immunisation documentation. 

We also support the local children’s services sector through co-convening the Nominated Supervisors Link Up in Bankstown and the Children’s Services Network in Canterbury. ​​