About our City

About our City
The City of Canterbury Bankstown is constantly changing. Today, it is home to 113,000 households and more than 29,000 businesses. About our City The City of Canterbury Bankstown is constantly changing. Today, it is home to 113,000 households and more than 29,000 businesses. Community

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The City of Canterbury Bankstown is constantly changing. Today, it is home to 113,000 households and more than 29,000 businesses. It is a successful multicultural community that speaks over 140 languages from more than 100 countries.

The Greater Sydney Regional Plan will transform Sydney into a metropolis of three cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City. Canterbury-Bankstown features in this landscape as a Strategic Centre and major health and education precinct.

We must work together during this transformative time to meet the challenges before us:

  • Planning for people first, then buildings, not the other way around
  • Embracing change to attract future high–value jobs and investment
  • Focussing on well–managed, well–executed change and growth that is supported by regional and local level infrastructure
  • Reframing the conversation around transport and its role in moving people and goods, and rethinking our traditional approaches to moving around
  • Being resilient and adaptive, striving for equitable, maximised outcomes
  • Keeping pace with a growing City providing open spaces and public domains that are integral to local areas and not 'add–on' features squeezed into our landscap
  • Being informed and involved in creating positive change

If we do this, then CBCity 2028 will have done its part to accommodate some of Sydney's growing population, while continuing to be a thriving, liveable city of the future.

​It's 2028 ​and we are a destination City!​


From the traditional Daruk and Eora People, the settlements in the early 1900s and the new wave of migrants, to a bustling metropolitan City, our history has shaped our identity and vision:

We are THRIVING – Our communities are safe, strong, caring for each other and inclusive of all. We have good access to the services we need and use them well. Our people are healthy in mind and body. We value the beauty and diversity of our natural environment and keep it safe for future generations.

We are DYNAMIC – We are a place of incredible activity and opportunity. Easy to move around in. We create, prosper and grow, confidently embracing technology and innovation; always transforming and evolving.

We are REAL – Our attractive and distinctive neighbourhoods reflect our history, yet look to the future and lead the way. We remember, we celebrate and we dream. Our people are proud of themselves, proud of their roots and proud of our City…

We are Canterbury-Bankstown.​

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Community Strategic Plan - CBCity 2028

CBCity 2028 has been developed after more than 10,000 community members had their say on how they want Canterbury Bankstown to look in 10 years time. This Community Strategic Plan is an aspirational vision of how to get there.

Your vision of the future is a city that is Thriving, Dynamic and Real!

Community Strategic Plan​​

Delivery Program 2018-2021

The 2018-21 Delivery Program is a plan for how Council will work over this three year period to achieve the community goals and priorities outlined in CBCity 2028- our 10- year Community Strategic Plan.

The Delivery Program provides a breakdown for each of Council's services and how they contribute to our City destinations. Each service details Council's three year priorities, and are a guide to how we can achieve our City Transformations and keep our City thriving, dynamic and real!

This document was adopted 26 June 2018.​

Delivery Program 2018-2021​​​​

Operational Plan 2018-2019

Supporting the Delivery Program is our 2018-19 Operational Plan which details the individual projects and activities to be undertaken during the financial year. The plan outlines Council's commitment and the contribution it will make towards implementing the Vision for the City's future. It sets out the activities that Council will undertake, the financial resources to be allocated and the projects to be completed during this time. Council's 2018-19 budget includes $89.5 million for capital works to improve roads, footpaths, parks, building, and sporting fields throughout the City.

The Operational Plan 2018-19 is structured in five parts:

  • An introduction to our City
  • Council's delivery of services and progressing the Vision of CBCity 2028
  • The purpose of the Operational Plan and how Council planning, programs and capital works are guided by our City destinations
  • The 2018-19 Budget detailing the annual budget for investment in infrastructure and services
  • The 2018-19 Schedule of Fees and Charges.

This document was adopted on 26 June 2018.

Operational Plan 2018-2019​​