Anzac Mall Place Management Strategy

Anzac Mall Place Management Strategy
Read about the Anzac Mall Place Management Strategy, its purpose and next steps. Anzac Mall Place Management Strategy canterbury bankstown Read about the Anzac Mall Place Management Strategy, its purpose and next steps.  

​What is the purpose of the Place Management Strategy?

​The purpose of the Anzac Mall Place Management Strategy is to recommend planning and economic development actions that Council can take to revitalise and re-energise Anzac Mall, increase its economic viability and create a functional, attractive, public space in Campsie town centre.

This includes:

  • Better use of public space to make it more attractive, engaging and safe
  • ​Attracting more people and businesses to Campsie
  • Improved visual appearance and appeal
  • Improved street furniture, paving and amenities
  • Retaining a multi-functional space for night and weekend markets and festivals
  • Benefits to jobs, and the local economy


  • Open the Mall one way with a central roadway and footpath dining areas
  • Hold additional events in Anzac Mall or Anzac Park such as an open air cinema to maximise community benefit and stimulate the local economy
  • Review charges for outdoor dining on public footpath spaces to encourage outdoor dining
  • Improve standards for the Mall design and street furniture
  • Change to the Facade Improvement Program to include building refurbishments as well as re-painting across Campsie Town Centre
  • Stage the weekend markets to ensure they do not adversely impact permanent businesses
  • Review Council policies to encourage development of an appropriate type in Anzac Mall, encouraging new residential development within walking distance of the railway station.​

Anzac Mall proposal

What will reopening the Mall achieve?

Key features:

  • Entry from Beamish street - in access (or one way) only
  • Increased outdoor dining areas available for local businesses
  • On-street parking
  • Wide pedestrian walkway
  • Retention of heritage - clock tower and mosaic
  • More functional public space, trees, amenities
  • Improved pedestrian access, surveillance, lighting and safety
  • Complements existing businesses in the town centre​


  • A​bility for uninterrupted vehicular traffic while second lane waits to park
  • Outdoor dining potential equally provided for all shop fronts
  • Strong visual connection between the Anzac monument and park
  • ​Maximised opportunities for passive surveillance.

Where to from here?

The Strategy was adopted by the former Canterbury ​Council on 27 October 2011.  

When adopting the Strategy, Council resolved that consideration be given to an appropriate source of funding for work on reopening the Mall as part of the current review of Council's financial sustainability. This included the use of voluntary planning agreements in lieu of Section 94 contributions that would ordinarily be payable for developments within the Mall. Two draft Voluntary Planning Agreements were exhibited in June 2012. One has been completed and the other is still being finalised.  It is anticipated these will provide funds for design work to commence in 2013.


For more information, contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000.