Business Link - June 2019

Business Link - June 2019
Business Link is distributed to business entities across the City of Canterbury Bankstown. Business Link - June 2019 Business Link is distributed to business entities across the City of Canterbury Bankstown. Canterbury Bankstown Business Advisory Service; Business Support; Business

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the June​​ 2019 edition of Business Link

Business Link is distributed to business entities across the City of Canterbury Bankstown. In this edition you will find out about:

In this edition ...

  1. Local Business Awards​
  2. Youth Rock
  3. Business Workshops prove to be a big hit
  4. Future proofing  

Local Business Awards

Nominations for the Canterbury Bankstown Local Business Awards are now open!  With up to 30 categories to choose from, it's a great opportunity to promote your business, strengthen and grow relationships in the local business community, and be recognised for your products or services.

You can register your business or vote for your favourite here. All you have to do is create a business profile and customise it to highlight your strengths!

You can find out more about the Local Business Awards here.

Youth Rock

What is it?

YouthRock is the leading event in NSW for teenage contemporary bands and songwriters. Led by Belmore Boys High School, for the past 18 years, YouthRock showcases and develops the skills of young people from various industries, including: Sound Engineering, Recording Studio Sound engineering, Film Production, Concert Lighting and Event Management.

When, Where, How?

YouthRock will be held at Bankstown Sports Club from Saturday 27 of July to Wednesday 31 July. Participants will have the chance to win a share of over $10,000 worth of prizes.

If you're looking to enter the competition, head to and download the entry form, and send it to Entries are finalised at 8pm on Sunday the 23 June.

Business Workshops prove to be a big hit

Thousands of local businesses and entrepreneurs have experienced success from our long-running start-up business workshops, run by the Canterbury-Bankstown Business Advisory Service (CBBAS.

The bi-monthly New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Information Workshops, funded by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, are the most popular held by the CBBAS, with around 500 people a year discovering invaluable business information.

Business professionals at CBBAS can also help you understand the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, and provide support during your first year of business operations.

Due to popularity, there have been more workshops added to meet keen demand.

The next NEISS Information Workshops will be held at CBBAS on 13 June, 27 June, 11 July and 26 July.

For more information, call 9707 9228 or visit

Future Proofing

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to remain relevant and maintain consistency with the delivery of their product or service. The inability for businesses to future-proof themselves often results in them falling short of the mark within their industry.

The end goal is of course, a profitable, sustainable business, but how do you get there? Going against the grain is tough, and businesses who do so and are successful, tend to create trends, and new expectations and standards that other businesses need to follow in order to remain relevant.

There are a few ways that your business can keep up with industry trends:

  • Observe potential business opportunities: Innovation is key to future-proofing a business. It's important to consider opportunities that will increase the value of your business to customers.

  • Look out for industry disruption: Keep an eye out for things that may harm operations or the nature of business.

  • Competition is everywhere: Competition is everywhere. Leave room for your business to grow, it will allow you the ability to innovate and forward think.