Flux + Flow Exhibition

Flux + Flow Exhibition

​Upcoming exhibition

Flux + Flow
9 March-27 April

A ground-breaking transdisciplinary exhibition, Flux + Flow uncovers the expansive creative potential of the convergence of two very different disciplines: martial arts and contemporary art. The exhibition features the varied artworks of Caroline Garcia, Kristina Mah and Michellie Jade Charvat which are deeply informed by their martial arts practice of Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Karate and Muay Thai.

Artists: Caroline Garcia, Kristina Mah and Michellie Jade Charvat
Curator: Rachael Kiang

Where: Art Gallery, Bankstown Arts Centre
When:  9 March-27 April
Launch Date: Friday 15 March, 6-8pm

Flux + Flow Upcoming Public Programs


Generation Stage - Performance by Kristina Mah

Generation Stage is a performance and large-scale drawing embodying the movement and gestures inspired by Go-Ju Ryu karate and ritual. A sand mandala has been resting on the gallery floor since the opening of the exhibition. Generation stage is a deconstruction and dissolution of the sand mandala through movement. A rite of passage, a loosening of structure, a shift from the hard to the soft, a transformation, an expansion, steps into the shadow. Generation stage is a dissolving of a solid sense of sense, and invocation of inner power, play, curiosity and flow.   

When: Saturday 20 April, 10.15am
Where: Art Gallery, Bankstown Arts Centre
Audience: 16+ years

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Kime: Movement based and creative painting workshop with Kristina Mah

Bankstown Arts Centres invites you to Kime, a movement based and creative painting workshop with artist Kristina Mah. Kime will teach participants karate basics, breathing and striking. Participants are then invited to use their punches, kicks, chops and blocks to mark a canvas with paint. The culmination of the workshop will be the co-creation of a large-scale mural.

When: Saturday 20 April, 10.30am-12.30pm
Cost: $10 per participant
Audience: 16+ years

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Hero image artwork: Kristina Mah, Nature, Nurture 2024
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State of Flow: When Martial Arts meets Creative Practice


The physical discipline of martial arts can influence and inspire creativity.

Join artists of Flux+Flow, Caroline Garcia, Kristina Mah, Michellie Jade Charvat, in an engaging online panel exploring the many ways Karate, Muay Thai and Filipino Kali directly shape their art practice.

Moderator: Rachael Kiang
Speakers: Caroline Garcia, Kristina Mah, Michellie Jade Charvat

When: Wednesday 24 April, noon-1pm        
Where: Online webinar
Cost: FREE

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Past programs


Defanging The Snake: Psychic Self-Defense and Improvised Weaponry in Filipino Martial Arts
with Caroline Garcia

Join Flux + Flow artist Caroline Garcia in an evening workshop that explores the potential of establishing one's own martial-spiritual connection by adopting practices from Indigenous Filipino Martial Arts. Prioritising the unification of mind, body, and spirit as one functioning unit for protection and consolation, participants will design personalised weapons (through guided movement and drawing) and imbue them with the power of prayer, also known as Orasyon (through collaborative writing).

When: Thursday 21 March, 6.30-8.30pm        
Cost: $10 per participant
Audience: 16+ years