Creative workshops and programs

Creative workshops and programs
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Learn a new and exciting skill at the Arts Centre. Creative Workshops Programs bankstown arts centre canterbury Learn a new and exciting skill at the Arts Centre.  

​​ ​​Due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, changes have been made to regularly scheduled term arts classes. Please check the 'About Us' page for more information.

March Arts at Canterbury Hospital

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Canterbury Hospital is seeking local artists to interpret what 'being helathy' means to your community. Finalists will have the chance to put their works on permanent display in the hospital's growing gallery!

For more information, conatc Sue Baker at or call 9787 0403



Join BINDI BOSSES Shankari (Bharatanatyam), Divya (Kathak & Bollywood) and Nubaisha (Henna) for a practical two-hour workshop that teaches and interweaves the ancient Indian Arts of Dance, Henna Art and Storytelling.

DATE: Saturday March 6th

TIME: 1pm-3pm 

AGE: all ages from 8+, genders, orientations and abilities welcome

Cost: $25

Tickets: Available via Eventbrite.

For centuries, visual and performing arts have played a major role throughout South Asia to balance and improve mental, spiritual and emotional health. Experience these benefits firsthand through an interactive 2-hr workshop that brings together North and South Indian expressions of dance and storytelling alongside henna-style art.

 Learn how to translate emotions, concepts and the natural world into expressions, movements and design motifs. Discover how to transform stories into Henna-style art under the guidance of Nubaisha, BINDI BOSSES official Henna Artist, then bring the motifs to life through dance and movement with BINDI BOSSES company members Divya and Shankari. From the cheeky antics of Bollywood to the poise and grace of the North Indian Kathak (Sanskrit for "the one who tells a story") to the ancient South Indian tradition of Bharatanatyam (regarded as the oldest classical dance heritage of India), you will be treated to a rare opportunity to learn three popular South Asian dance styles from two of Sydney's most highly regarded emerging dance artists in their respective forms (Bollywood, Kathak, Bharatnatyam) along with Henna Art.

 No prior experience required, just a willingness to learn, share and express. All ages from 8+, genders, orientations and abilities welcome. Limited spots available so book ASAP to avoid disappointment!