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Bankstown Arts Centre works with a group of dedicated and experienced arts tutors to deliver a range of dynamic and creative experiences. Tutors Bankstown Arts Centre Bankstown Arts Centre works with a group of dedicated and experienced arts tutors to deliver a range of dynamic and creative experiences. Arts Centre; Arts and Culture
Tutors at Bankstown Arts Centre

Bankstown Arts Centre work with a group of dedicated and experienced arts tutors to deliver a range of dynamic and creative arts classes, workshops and programs that cater to everyone.

Neoklis Bloukos

Neoklis Bloukos is a professional photography tutor. He believes that photography is the most popular method of memory archive, and most widely used visual communication method and modern art form. He has been passionate about photography for over 40 years, including 25 years of experience in press photography.

His knowledge, practice and experience working as a photographer encompasses a long timeline of photography, from black and white manual film processing and printing to currently practicing modern digital photography and post processing techniques, his current goals are to master; free lensing, light painting and near infrared photography. ​

He loves to pass on his passion, knowledge and experience of photography to his students, so they, no matter what level, have a unique perspective. He enjoys sharing, teaching and inspiring his students so they can achieve and exceed their goals in creating the most memorable, vivid and artistic photographic images possible, no matter how traditional, modern or unusual the technique is.

For more details about Neoklis' work, go to his website

Anney Bounpraseuth

Anney Bounpraseuth is an Australian-born artist of Laotian heritage. She attributes her kitsch, vivid and decorative aesthetic to the surrounds of her upbringing in the poorer suburbs of South West Sydney where inspiration was harder to find. As a child, her family would frequent the vibrant cake, fabric and two dollar shops of Cabramatta, a predominantly Asian neighbourhood with a distinctive aesthetic. As a teenager, she became an avid collector of domestic paraphernalia from second-hand shops in the Liverpool area. The Bounpraseuth household was always adorned with tacky fake flower arrangements, imitation antique ceramics and mismatched textiles. Like her resourceful mother, she finds nostalgic beauty in inexpensive, everyday artefacts that are generally considered poor in taste and quality.

For more information about Anney's works , go to her website

Rhonda Dee

Rhonda was born near the border of Texas and Mexico, into a fusion of Native American, Latino and Anglo cultures. Her work explores the boundaries of cultures and the internal geographies of the body and psyche. She has had public commissions by the Manly Art Gallery & Museum, and Macquarie University Art Gallery. Her works can be found in permanent collection in Long Island University, NY, the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo Brazil, Macquarie University Art Gallery, the Australia China Arts Foundation, as well as national and international private collections. 

For more information about Rhonda's work, go to her website

Diamando Koutsellis

Diamando has been a professional artist with over twenty years experience in ceramics, painting and public art. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia and abroad. 

She works with a wide range of community groups to develop their own creativity and enjoys sharing the art experience. 

For more information about Diamando's work, go to her website

Seraphina Martin

Seraphina studied printmaking at the National Art School in Paris before moving to Sydney 30 years ago. Since 1994 she has been developing non-toxic technology (Solar Plate etching) in her own art practice. She has taught printmaking at Meadowbank TAFE, Hornsby TAFE and Penrith TAFE as well as Sydney University. Seraphina’s work is represented in private and public collections in Australia and overseas.

Stephanie Peters

Stephanie Peters works as an artist, teacher and community developer. Her art practice explores a range of techniques including; printmaking, artist books, pop-ups, stencils, painting, collage, textiles, zines, paper cuts, murals, installations and drawing. She has taught a variety of creative classes for ages 4 and above locally, interstate and overseas. 

For more information about Stephanie's work, go to her website

Melissa Wheeler

Melissa Wheeler is a Visual Artist and Hula Hoop performer.

She specialises in large scale coloured pencil abstract artworks, printmaking and detailed paper-cut artworks.

She has a Diploma of Fine Arts and teaches classes and workshops throughout Western Sydney, for all ages and abilities, particularly children and family groups.

Melissa also performs hula hoops with LED lights and fire. She has performed at many different events throughout Sydney.

For more details about Melissa's work, go to her Facebook page.

Christopher Woe

Christopher is a portrait and events photographer based in Western Sydney, whose work focuses primarily on marginalised groups and urban sub-cultures with a strong use of dramatic lighting and toning. 

In 2010, after many years working in the Welfare sector primarily supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and At Risk Youth, Chris Woe decided to focus his energy and creative abilities on photography by undertaking a 4 year Diploma in Photo Imaging.

In 2014 Chris Woe completed his Diploma in Photo Imaging and was awarded the 2014 Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP) Student Photographer of the Year for his Movement Series. This series was featured during the 2015 Head-On Photo Festival with an exhibition at the Art Centre. 

For more details about Christopher's work, go to his website