A Week On The River

A Week On The River
A women rows a small boat in a river. The Sydney airport is behind her, with a plane sitting on the runway.
During Canterbury Bankstown's lockdown, the river is as far as we can go. During Canterbury Bankstown's lockdown, the river is as far as we can go. Exhibition; Arts Centre

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During Canterbury Bankstown's lockdown, the river is as far as we can go. This exhibition reflects on a much loved and complex waterway where, no matter what else is happening, every day, the tide comes in and goes out. Through the practice of turning attention to the history, geography and visual language of a resilient and mistreated urban river, this exhibition uses a small, personal frame to consider broader issues and ideas.

The Cooks River moves through the land of the Wangal, Cadigal and Gameygal people. 



This exhibition shares and extends the body of artwork that Clare Britton made while completing her PhD at Sydney College of the Arts (2017- 2020). It considers how Sydney's history is contained within the river that moves through Gadigal, Bidgigal Wangal and Gameygal Lands and aims to make things that are hard to perceive in the present moment (like the whole
catchment of a river or the history of a place) more legible. This exhibition is also a celebration of public space, the Canterbury Bankstown Local Government Area and the transformative act of paying attention to a local waterway.

A Week on the River includes invited collaborators Aunty Rhonda Dixon- Grovenor, Astrida Neimanis and "The Mullets"

Take A Walk Along The River!

Conversations By The River Forum

 Join local artists, Elders, ecologists and activists to discuss custodianship civic and cultural responsibility for this resilient river. The Cooks River connects people, places and multiple life forms.

Panellists include: Costa Georgiadis, Aunty  Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor, Clare Britton, Jennifer Newman and Ciaran Dunn.

When: Saturday 23 October, 3pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: Free

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 A Week on the Cooks River, Silver Castings dimensions variable. Clare Britton, 2019

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