Photo of Garageworks band
Garageworks is a series of monthly music nights at Bankstown Arts Centre celebrating musicians from the garages and studios of Western Sydney. Garageworks Garageworks is a series of monthly music nights at Bankstown Arts Centre celebrating musicians from the garages and studios of Western Sydney. Events; What's On; Arts and Culture; Arts Centre
Photo of Garageworks band


Garageworks is a series of experimental music nights at Bankstown Arts Centre celebrating musicians from the garages and studios of Western Sydney.

Each event features a diverse cross-section of performers from the local community and further afield loosely connected through experimentation across a range of genres.


Featured on Saturday 24 November 2018

Line- up

  • Germ Studies
  • The Splinter Orchestra
  • Bonniesongs
  • Flower Boy
  • Zeadala


Germ Studies is the inspired Australian pairing of renowned pianist Chris Abrahams (The Necks) and harpist Clare Cooper – but if you're expecting a harmonic polyphony of harp and piano you'll be shocked by their alien landscapes. The unlikely combination of 1980s Japanese synth and 1380's Chinese harp creates an ambiguous and ambitious music.

The Splinter Orchestra, formed in 2002, is a Sydney-based large-scale ensemble, consisting of a fluctuating number of members with various backgrounds: improvisation, jazz, classical, electronic, electro-acoustic, sound art, visual art, and environmental sound, acoustic ecology and field recording.

Bonniesongs has been one of those subtly transcendent artists, her lilting vocals float over gentle peaks of acoustic and electronic instruments, layered ethereally into what may be a moderately enchanted loop pedal.

flower boy 卓颖贤 paints delicate and emotional images with her classically-trained background combined with forward-thinking production.

Zeadala is a musician who has been steadily making moves in Sydney's music scene for the past 4 years. Her long awaited EP release features music influenced by her love of 90's Hip Hop and R&B, as well as traditions of poetry and story-telling.


Featured on Friday 31 August 2018


  • Cutlery
  • Low Flung
  • Nick Wishart
  • Gillian Kayrooz

Cutlery is a new collaboration between Nicola Morton and Del Lumanta. Nicola Morton is an artist who loves playing with machines and finds states of peace in abstract, improvised music and live performance. Del Lumanta is an artist, musician, dj, producer and organiser based in Sydney. They are both facilitators for the All Girl Electronic program in Parramatta.

Low Flung is the long standing audio visual project of artist Danny Wild. His sounds embrace experimentation within the world of ambient, dub, synthesis and abstracted club music. Visually Low Flung explores collage, distortion and the mundane. Low Flung has released a number of cassettes and records through labels Ken Oath Records, Chemical Imbalance, Phinery, Tacky Jack Tapes, Tandem Tapes, Speaker Footage and his own imprint Moontown Records.

Nick Wishart is an artist and founding member of Toydeath. Nick adapts and repurposes existing and emerging domestic technologies and intuitive physical interfaces to create new audio visual interfaces. In addition to Nick’s musical composition work he creates unique electronic instruments using circuit bending techniques.

Gillian Kayrooz is an emerging artist whose cross disciplinary practice challenges the commercialization of suburbia, culture and tradition in the digital age. Gillian examines sound and video’s potential to appropriate reality into a devised surreal story, revealing the documentary style influences and identity driven origins of her practice.


Featured on Friday 29 June 2018


  • Peter Blamey
  • Milkffish x Okuesha

NASHO is a four-piece supergroup, made up of previous and current members of Royal Headache, Good Throb and DISPOSSESSED. They play a mix of hardcore and dub-punk with a strong political message and multicultural identity.

Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist whose work explores sound and energies and the relationship between people, technologies and environments.

Milkffish is the exploratory music project of Western Sydney-based creative Liana Joy Molina. She grew up in Lakemba and is inspired by ocean creatures, her community's cultural heritage and mental health.

Okuesha is an experimental, electronic and multi-disciplinary artist, based in Western Sydney. She is inspired by The Doors, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Janelle Monae, Grimes and David Bowie, using these artists' rebellious natures to fuel her creative journey.


 Featured on Friday 25 May 2018


  • Slim Set feat. Kimchi Princi
  • Dominic Talarico
  • Ailsa Liu

Slim Set is a Western Sydney rap duo made up of MC Dev and DJ Atro. Drawing from grime, club music and MC culture as their references, the boys are coming at Aussie hip hop head on. Not content with regurgitating boom bap (like their predecessors) or trap (like their peers), Slim Set's hybrid, high-octane sound is an anomaly within the Australian hip hop landscape.

Kimchi Princi is an independent artist with a fetish for WI-FI. Her fantastical visions expand across lyrics, production, performance, music videos and DJ sets. As a rapper, her lyrics are known to reach into the guts of millennial tensions across culture, excess and desire. She is currently working with Australia's pioneering club producers for her debut album, PRINCI, due for release in mid-2018.

Dominic Talarico is a pop musician from Western Sydney and has long been one of its best kept secrets, performing and releasing music for more than a decade. Themes within his songs often explore the heights of desire and the unexpected turbulence that it can bring with an earnestness that can make your heart ache.

Ailsa Liu is an artist who creates work across mediums of experimental fiction and poetry, soundscapes, installation. Her soundscapes are informed by texture and layering of sounds, field recordings of urban spaces, found recordings and personal narratives. She is a member of the Finishing School writing collective and All Girl Electronic, a Western Sydney electronic music collective.

Bankstown Arts Centre is seeking expressions of interest from Western Sydney musicians for future instalments of our monthly music night Garageworks. Please contact for more information. 

 Image: NASHO by Mikhaila Jurkiewicz