Nine Meals from Chaos

Nine Meals from Chaos
Photo of the Incubate Art Gallery
Exploring local food security, sustainability and the growing of food in Western Sydney. Nine Meals from Chaos Exploring local food security, sustainability and the growing of food in Western Sydney. Arts Centre; Arts and Culture
Photo of the Incubate Art Gallery


Nine Meals from Chaos is a project that explores​ local food security, sustainability and the growing of food in Western Sydney.​

“Loss of agriculture presents serious risks to the resilience of the city, to the health of residents and the viability of farmers operations. For example, a disruption in the major transport routes into Sydney from a bushfire or fuel shortages could leave Sydney with only days worth of fresh produce.

Research finds that if we continue down the path we’re on, Sydney stands to lose over 90% of its current fresh vegetable production. Total food production could shrink by 60%, and the Sydney food bowl’s capacity to feed its’ residents could drop from meeting 20% of food demand down to a mere 6%.” 


Bankstown Art Centre is working with four artists to explore the ideas of food sustainability and security, the growing of food and consumption of food. Bankstown has a rich history of market gardens and a community of growers. Still today many backyard and balcony gardens can be spotted in the region.​​

Selected artists

  • Me Le Thi
  • Machiko Motoi
  • James Nguyen
  • Tam Nguyen

The artists will develop work at the Incubate Studio for exhibition at the Bankstown Art Centre between 8 July  - 11 August 2019.

​Key dates

  • Residency: 8 July  - 11 August 2019
  • Exhibition: 12 August - 16 September 2019
  • Artist talks, demonstrations, forum and community picnic : 12 - 4pm, 31 August 2019

​​Artist Talks, demonstrations, Forum and community picnic​

Enjoy a picnic of local food, explore works by local artists and join in a forum facilitated by celebrity gardener Costa Georgiadis, exploring the potential of food sustainability in your backyard


31 August 2019
12 - 4pm
Bankstown Art Centre

12 - 1pm 
Picnic of locally produced food. Plant giveaways, composting, worm farms, native bees and more! 

1- 2pm 
Artist talk with My Le Thi, James Nguyen, Machiko Motoi and Tam Nguyen (Art gallery)

2.30 - 3.30pm 
Forum: Join Costa Georgia​dis with speakers including Kristin Gabriel (Resilient Sydney), Luke Craven (Food Lab, and Amelia Berner (OzHarvest) to explore sustainable food choices and what actions we can take to produce food locally and secure the future of Sydney's food bowl. 


For more information, please contact Bankstown Arts Centre​.

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