Arts Centre

Curated by Anne Kwasner

Food and the ritual of eating is part of our day. 

Food sustains us. Food is our identity. Food is our history.

Where and how food is consumed defines us.

The exhibition Plate explored six artists imaginings of their memories surrounding the rituals of food and placing food in a personal culture context through performance, ceramics and multimedia works. 

Artists: Anney Bounpraseuth, George Catsi, Jaycee Kim, Anne Kwasner, Joanna Mazgay, Jayanto Tan.

Community artists: Headway Adult Development Program Inc., Settlement Services International (SSI) Arts and Culture program, BAC's Term 2 Kids clay and ceramics and Craft circle participants.

Dates: 22 July - 9 September

Where: Bankstown Arts Centre

Image credit: Artwork by Anne Kwasner, 2023.