Heli Yang- A New Life

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The thirty paintings in this show, represent thirty moments inspired by the little things that happen in Heli's daily life, telling the stories of three generations. There are moments of cultural differences and conflicts, appreciation, expectations and happiness.


Artist Bio:

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Heli Yang, born in Dalian, China, is a Sydney-based artist. Her artistic flare started from a young age, when she enjoyed expressing herself through drawing and crafting.

Heli received a double degree in art and design from UNSW in 2007. Her work is inspired by events in daily life, which have touched her heart. Events that can be small, like a person or going on a trip. "Rabbits have very good memories. They are joyful and full of character. No two are the same- just like my experiences."

Heli is the founder of Art Wonderland Studio, founded in 2016.