Blak Flaneur

Blak Flaneur
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Blak Flǎneur 

Travis De Vries

Blak Flǎneur was an experiential exhibition that invites the audience into artist Travis De Vries' world of walking as an artistic practice. 

The term Flǎneur is generally attributed to a man who strolls or idles seemingly aimlessly in the urban space, viewing society. In his blak version of flaneurism, the artist finds strolling the urban space fosters a sense of anxiety, so he walks to leave society and humanity behind, to be both alone with his thoughts and with the greater world. He captures this experience with lenses & cameras both digital and analogue, an extension of his perspective. 

About the artist:

Photography by Jade Goodwin

Travis De Vries is an award- winning visual artist, who has held solo exhibitions in Edinburgh (UK), Sydney and Regional NSW and has been part of numerous group exhibitions, art prizes and residencies. He is also a  trained dancer and is alumni of NAISDA Dance College, where he was awarded the inaugural Chairman's Award.

Travis works across mediums, combining multiple forms; paintings, drawings, projections and experiential sculptures. Storytelling is at the heart of his practice. Through the use of fable, metaphor, symbolism and tropes he invokes a deep connection with audiences to explore a range of both personal and universal themes including; Indigeneity, violence, destruction, politics, love, death and relationships. 

Image photography by Alicia Scott.