Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events



Art classes for adults classes for adults2017-02-05T22:00:00Z2017-12-09T06:00:00ZFrom performance based activities to the visual arts, there are plenty of classes at the Arts Centre to keep you entertained and help you learn new skills.
Art classes for Kids classes for Kids2017-02-05T22:00:00Z2017-12-09T06:00:00ZBankstown Arts Centre offers an extensive range of classes for children. We have abroad range of artistic and creative experiences available to this age group – we hold sketching, crafts, drama and guitar classes, among many others!
Art classes for Youth classes for Youth2017-02-05T22:00:00Z2017-12-09T06:00:00ZYoung people will benefit from an array of activities tailored especially to their needs, from guitar lessons through to crafts.
Creative Programs and Workshops at the BAC Programs and Workshops at the BAC2017-02-05T22:00:00Z2017-12-09T06:00:00ZWant to learn a new skill? You’ve come to the right place. There are always new and exciting workshops and programs happening at the Arts Centre for our community to enjoy.
Hygiene and infection control workshop and infection control workshop2017-05-01T06:00:00Z2017-11-06T07:00:00ZCanterbury-Bankstown Council is providing a FREE workshop on infection control and hygiene practices for nail technicians, beauticians, tattooists and body piercers.
Introductory food handler training course food handler training course2017-05-02T06:00:00Z2017-11-07T07:00:00ZCity of Canterbury Bankstown is providing a FREE Introductory Food Handler Training Course for local food handlers and food businesses proprietors.
Supported Studios program at BAC Studios program at BAC2017-07-20T00:00:00Z2017-09-21T02:00:00ZIf you would like to further develop your portfolio of work and build on your existing arts practice, please consider joining our Supported Studios.
Our Energy Future Information Sessions Energy Future Information Sessions2017-08-09T07:30:00Z2017-10-07T05:00:00ZOur Energy Future is a one-stop-shop for all your energy efficiency and renewable energy advice. We'll be holding free information sessions for residents at locations across the City.